Our fabrication department makes up 5,000 sqm of our Stockport facility, run by specialist welders and experts in fabrication. All of our fabrication services are completed onsite, ensuring we can provide the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for our customers.


We have the capacity to fabricate mild steels and aluminium, as well as stainless steels and a range of exotic materials, thanks to our excellent global supply chain. With a 5-tonne overhead crane capacity, we can manufacture tooling solutions ranging from small components through to complex, turn-key systems.

Our welders are fully coded for a range of processes, including Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG), Metal Inert Gas (MIG) and Manual Metal Arc (MMA) welding, allowing us to offer an extensive variety of fabricated metal solutions for every customer no matter their industry or specifications.

For more information about our fabrication capabilities, or to discuss your specific application requirements, contact us today.

Project Portfolio

Guiding System

Container Machining Fixture

MRO Engine Tooling

Vacuum Fixtures

A220 Barrel Assembly Jig

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Precision Machining

Using cutting-edge CNC manufacturing technology, we can machine plastics, carbon steels, exotics and more to the tightest tolerances.


Large Precision Machining

Our large cutting and lifting capacities onsite ensure accurate machining at all times with no compromise on size.


Assembly & Validation

Our skilled toolmakers can perform all aspects of testing and assembly to ensure every element is working at maximum performance.



We can carry out full commissioning of jigs and fixtures, using laser technologies and accredited assembly techniques.



Design and technical documentation for all business sectors through Leading Edge Engineering Design Ltd.



Metrology and measurement services that go above and beyond, using the latest industry recognised software.