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Plant List & Capacity

Correa FP50 x = 5000mm y = 3800mm z = 1500mm (Gantry type)

Correa FP35 x = 3500mm y = 2200mm z = 1250mm (Gantry type)

Correa CF25 x = 3500mm y = 1000mm z = 1800mm (Horiz. with U/H)

Giddings & Lewis x = 2500mm y = 2100mm z = 550mm w = 1778mm (Horizontal type with universal head)

Multiple Devlieg machining centres x = 2400mm y = 1600mm z = 500mm w = 450mm

Elgamill x = 6000mm y = 1800mm z = 1000mm (Horizontal)

XYZ minimill x = 560mm y = 400mm z = 400mm (vertical type) XYZ pro-mill x = 1500mm y = 550mm z = 450mm (vertical type) SIP 7a jig borer x = 52" y = 40" z = 48" (vertical type) SIP600 jig borer x = 1025mm y = 700mm z = 36" (vertical type) XYZ200tc live turn 200mm diameter (lathe) XYZ proturn 250mm diameter (lathe) Johnford 350mm diameter (lathe) Universal Grinders 350mm dia. x 750mm long Surface Grinders X760mm x Y250mm

EDM X430mm x Y630mm x Z180mm

Fabrication Coded Welders / Aerospace Tolerances / NDT

Tool Making Time served experienced Tool Makers

Measurement & Inspection Leica/FAROLaser Trackers and Arm & CMM.

Workshop Areas 25,000 sq. ft of Workshop / 10,000 sq. ft of Assembly / 5t and 10t overhead cranes

Vehicles Delivery vans and trucks

Please note: Manufax are supported by a large network of 2nd tier sub contract suppliers (prime endorsed) by Manufax. With this supply network we are able offer to complete spectrum of services.

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